Who is Rauli V?

IG/Tik Tok/ Twitter Name

@RauliVMusic [On Everything


Hyattsville, MD (PG County)

Top 5 favorite artists?


Post Malone

Bad Bunny

Childish Gambino

Bring me the Horizon

What inspired your latest record Can’t Feel?

“My debut EP, Breathe, sums up a lot of the troubles I faced mentally this past year. Through all the downs I kept reminding myself to breathe, I even tattooed it on my hand and that locked in the title. Musically I wanted to bring those who already know me originally from the underground DMV rock scene into a new space I’ve been enjoying ever since I created this solo project in the pandemic. I enjoy writing music that will get you curious about other genres no matter what your background is and this EP is only a taste of what my future releases are going to sound like. The next cycle starts back in a few weeks with my new single “EnVy” that will come out on Friday May 6th, 2022.”

Favorite sports team? (if any)

”I’m not the biggest sports head, however teams I’ve always enjoyed are the Ravens in football, the Yankees in baseball and the Capitals in hockey. ”

Hobbies outside of music?

“As of late I’ve been really enjoying Videography and helping other people tell their story using visuals. Other than that I’m an epic binge watcher but that’s just to keep up with my daughter who is the Queen of watching all things Anime.“

A must read book you recommend and why?

“Strength Finders 2.0” by Tom Rath is a must! I read it early in my career and It helped shape how I look at my skill set, the team I create and how to work together while lifting one another. Not to spoil the beans but this book walks you through ever core competency and how to quickly Identify if you have it or not. By the time you wrap it up all you realize there is no way you will be able to master every skill set and that the best approach is to surround yourself around thoughts who complete your full circle of strengths. You might move faster alone but you’ll go further as a tribe.”

Last show you binged watched?

“Technically Ozark but if I had to be real I definitely just finished Bridgerton season 2 with my girl last night.”

Favorite food?

“Dominican Food specifically Chuleta ahumada con arroz y habichuela. I can eat Pork Chops for days.“

Where do you see yourself in five years?

“Professionally, Touring and Producing full time while still supporting younger BIPOC artists on the platform I create. Personally making sure my family is being supported so that my Girl can dip into her creative space and our daughter can continue to scale up on her artwork”

Who or what inspires you in your career?

“My family, My team and my troubles. I’ve learned alot this past year from the mistakes I’ve made allowing the wrong energy into the tribe and although I can’t change the past I damn sure will shape my future with those lessons.”

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