Who is Paola?

Updated: Apr 18

IG: @paolalaunica, Tik Tok: @paolalaunica, Twitter: @paolalaunicaa

Hometown: "Wayne, New Jersey" Top 5 favorite artists? "Frank Ocean, The 1975, Amy Winehouse, Drake, and Lorde" What inspired your latest record?

"Open Mic was inspired by my college poetry collective. It was like an open mic. I saw a poet performing a spoken word piece and got a huge crush on her. I ended up joining that organization later that year. It was a huge part of why I am the artist I am today. I would perform there all the time when I was at Rutgers."

Hobbies outside of music? "I enjoy skateboarding and exercising. I also like playing basketball, going on hikes and exploring new places. I’ve gone to cali, florida, nashville and chicago the past year and I’m going to Chile at the end of this month." A must read book you recommend and why?

"The 4 agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is one of the most inspiring and insightful books I’ve ever read. Its 4 ways to bring more peace and healing into your life. It’s about taking more responsibility for the emotions and thoughts that come to you throughout the day and creating a more conscious life for yourself. The affirmation that makes up the whole book is “Today I will be impeccable with my word. I will not take anything personally. I will not make any assumptions and I am going to do my best.” So good!" Last show you binged watched?

"Bridgerton" Favorite food? "Birria Tacos"

Where do you see yourself in five years?

"I see myself living in California in a house near the beach. Living with my partner and having multiple streams of income including music. Traveling often and making more meaningful connections." Who or what inspires you in your career? "I am inspired by my loved ones. I am inspired by the world as I view it politically. I think music is about personal truth and authenticity. Telling a story that feels true to how you feel. That’s powerful and helps others not feel alone. It fuels my creativity to think of someone like me listening to my music and finding comfort in it."

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