Who is Leila Dey


Toronto, Canada

Instagram: @leiladey | TikTok: @leiladey | Twitter: @leiladey

Top 5 favorite artists?

This is always so hard for meeeeee...

Lauryn Hill


Jazmine Sullivan

Missy Elliot

Andre3000/Anderson Paak

What inspired your latest record Notice?

Being with someone who neglected our relationship. In feeling devalued, I wrote a song that spoke to the parts of me (and others who have experienced this) that needed to be reminded that I shouldn't be in a relationship and feel alone. I can do that all by myself.

Favorite sports team? (if any)

I can't be from Toronto and not say the Toronto, Raptors

Hobbies outside of music?

Food/Cooking, Travel, Movies, Make-Up, Organizing :)

A must read book you recommend and why?

You are a badass. How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life. - Jen Sincero

For as long as I can remember I've been a "play-it-safe" type of person who has a tendency to self-sabotage. This is one of the first books I read that encouraged me to take risks, lose the excuses and go after everything that is meant for me.

Last show you binged watched?

Top Boy

Favorite food?:

Seafood - Shrimp, Crab, Lobster, Salmon

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Travelling the world performing my music

Winning awards internationally and from my hometown

Have an established business that supports and enables black women in music

A beautiful family of my own

Who or what inspires you in your career?

A lot of my inspiration comes from my late-sister who passed away in 2015. She was a fearless young person who embodied the definition of living each day to the fullest. If I could have an ounce of the courage she had, I'd be life changing. I'm also heavily inspired by my mother and really the strength of all Black Single Mothers who took on every role for the betterment of their child(ren). Lastly.. it sounds cliche, but I am inspired by Beyonce. Her ability to adapt, diversify and her work ethic is really unmatched. I love her artistry and I love that she always keeps it about the music.

- Leila Dey

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